A textface influenced by the work of Central European type-designers, especially the Czech designer Oldrich Menhart. Influenced by the jagged angular form resulting from his chiseling techniques, this project was a study in producing a typeface Menhard would have produced if he were alive today, using today's technologies.
Other Projects
What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol
ProPublica, Jan. 2021
Data Interactive
Trump Administration’s “Midnight Regulations”
ProPublica, Nov. 2020
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Long-Term Impact of Trump’s Judicial Appointments
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What Happens to Police After They Use Force on Protesters
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The NYPD Files
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Police Tactics Seen in Nearly 400 Protest Videos
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PPP Loans Database
ProPublica, Jul. 2020
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Coronavirus Contracts
ProPublica, May. 2020
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30 Years of Jailhouse Snitch Scandals
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Trump Administration's LGBTQ Rights Rollback
ProPublica, Nov. 2019
How Political Operatives Got Donors to Give Millions
ProPublica, Jul. 2019
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Trump Executive Orders Tracker
The Intercept, Apr. 2018
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New York Times Obituaries
The Intercept, Mar. 2018
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Moment of Silence
The Intercept, Oct. 2017
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Trial and Terror
The Intercept, Apr. 2017
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How the U.S. Trains the World’s Security Forces
The Intercept, Jul. 2016
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Miscellaneous Data Graphics
The Intercept, Jul. 2016
Data Graphics
Contamination in U.S. Drinking Water
The Intercept, Dec. 2015
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The Last 10 Years of Stephen Harper
Personal, Oct. 2015
Meet Thomas Drake
Al Jazeera, Aug. 2015
Art Direction Video Interactive
Wikipedia Share-a-fact
Wikimedia Foundation, Jun. 2015
Product Design
When good design goes bad
Al Jazeera, Apr. 2015
Wikimedia Transparency Report
Wikimedia Foundation, Jun. 2014
Product Design
Gaza | San Francisco
Personal, May. 2014
How Wrong You Are
Personal, May. 2014
Data Interactive Product
Hipmunk Mobile App
Hipmunk, Jul. 2013
Product Design
When they came for Chelsea Manning...
Manning Support Group, Jun. 2013
Drawbridge, Jun. 2012
Identity Product Design
Wakoopa: The State of Apps
Wakoopa, Jul. 2009
Data Graphics
Signage and Wayfinding System
Personal, Mar. 2008
UN Security Council Posters
Personal, Feb. 2008
Graphic Design
Visualizing UN Resolutions
Personal, Jan. 2008
Data Graphics
Eavesdropping on Augusta Ave.
Personal, Feb. 2007
Information Design